In the light of market trends the success of CLD Srl is increasingly linked to Customer Satisfaction, based on the ability to understand
and, if possible, predict Customer needs, offering a specialized service, which meets all requirements.
Our Company Policy on Quality is geared to Customer Satisfaction, to ensure the best possible financial outcome for your Company.

Our Company Policy includes the following points:

thoroughly understanding Customer requirements, in order to provide a service that precisely fits Customer expectations.
to guarantee top-quality services with a correct Price/ Performance ratio.
to prevent any problems, by constantly monitoring our systems for any non-conformity.
to continuously improve the quality of the services provided, identifying new opportunities through accurate market research.
to continue to improve processes, working practices and Service levels
a guarantee to make excellent use of Human Resources, by giving individuals responsibility to adapt and develop their skills.
to guarantee updates and compliance with current regulations, as well as new legislation, providing Customers with specialised
to motivate in-Company personnel using the most effective and up-to-date operating tools possible, in order to give greater
satisfaction to those who provide the CLD Srl Service, as well as to those who require it.